Heat Press

Luster LT-45 Swing Away
Heat Press
Auto Release, Auto Swing 40X50CM "Luster LT-45"
Utopia UT-45 Pneumatic
Draw-out 40x50cm "Utopia UT-45"
Digital Mug press
MOK MK-7 Digital
Mug Press
Manual, Accommodates 11-15 OZ.
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Our company has working at a sucessful rate since 2007. Starting at the very peak of the ink supply system, paper and heat press industry right here in Australia

Here at MIR-AUS we offer a wide variety of different heat press models to suit your needs. A new, revolutionary branch called “MIR-PRESS”.Heat Press Ranging from Clothing and Garment presses , Mug presses , Plate presses, Cap presses. The options are endless! Nearly all flat surfaced sublimation items are compatible with these high tech machines.

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MOK MK-10C MOK MK-10B MOK MK-7 MOK MK-A-7 MOK MK-10C Multifunction Mug Press MOK MK-10C 4-in-1Heat Press, The "MOK"

Hat Heat Press

Plumbing is such a sphere in our houses that requires some professional skills and manpower. We can offer you

Plate Heat Press

PIATTO PT-15 Digital Plate Heat Press




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