Prestige series

Prestige series

Heat press PRESTIGE PG-45 40x50cm

MIR-PRESS has been working extremely hard to bring you the new, revolutionised “PRESTIGE” models. 
Ranging from T-shirts to Mouse Pads, anything with a flat surface is compatible with this heat-press. The revolutionary design allows for quick and easy change of the removable plates with a simple sliding mechanism.

Technical Data

Machine Type Auto-open  & Auto-Down
Platen Size  40×50 cm
Under Plate Slide-out Under Plate
Emergency stop switch Yes
Controller Digital Time & Temp.Control
Printable Articles
Up to 5 mm Thickness
Gas Spring Control YES
Voltage 120V/ 220V
Power 20: 1.6KW/ 1.8KW Single-phase
Time Range 0-999 sec
Maximum Temp 225 °C / 491 °F
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5%
Packing Size 90x56x65 cm
Net Weight 46.10 kg
Gross Weight 57.10 kg



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