HEST series


Hest HT-38, HT-45 & HT-45 V.2

MIR-PRESS has been working extremely hard to bring you the new, revolutionised “HEST” models. Both “HT-38”, ”HT-45” and ”HT-45 V.2” are heat presses that deliver impeccable performance and flawless results, both models are equipped with a high-tech “Auto Release System”, allowing the heat press to automatically open after the procedure is finished, giving results that will not fail.
Both safety and quality are thought well through for the compatibility of all customers (Beginner or Professional).
All customers can easily understand the simple mechanics of the products. With the highest quality, simple use and the high consideration of safety, this is the Heat Press you will need! Both sizes of the “HEST” models allow you to transfer your desired logo, image or picture to a variety of materials.
Ranging from T-shirts to Mouse Pads, anything with a flat surface is compatible with this heat-press. The revolutionary design allows for quick and easy change of the removable plates with a simple sliding mechanism.

Technical Data

Machine CodeHT-38, HT-45 & HT-45 V.2
Emergency Stop SwitchIn all models
Machine TypeAuto Release, Clamshell
Platen Size 38×38 cm & 40×50 cm
Pressure Thread CounterAvailable with HT-45 V.2
Visually Display Pressure levelAvailable with HT-45 V.2
Under PlateExchangeable
ControllerDigital Time & Temp.Control
Printable ArticlesUp to 5 mm Thickness
Gas Spring ControlYes
Voltage120V/ 220V
Power15: 1.5KW/ 1.8KW; 20: 1.6KW/ 1.8KW
Time Range0-999 sec
Maximum Temp225 C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5%
Packing Size84x51x59cm , 93×55,58cm & 92x55x57cm
Net Weight43.25 kg & 48.55 kg & 50.55
Gross Weight46.25 kg & 51.55 kg &50.55


NEW! Size: 40x50 cm / HT-45 V.2

New Heat press "Hest" HT-45 V.2​

Auto open Haet Press, Pressure thread counter with emergency stop switch

Limited available

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