Need some professional help to find the best heat press?

Here at MIR-AUS we offer a wide variety of different heat press models to suit your needs. A new, revolutionary branch called “MIR-PRESS”. Ranging from Clothing and Garment presses, Mug presses, Plate presses, Cap presses. The options are endless! Nearly all flat surfaced sublimation items are compatible with these high tech machines.

WE ARE Heat Press suppliers

You may ask, what is the point of difference with MIR-PRESS from other heat press companies. The technology that allows the heat and pressure to be equally distributed across all areas of the pressing site in MIR-PRESS’ is like no other, allowing for a smooth, fast and effective result in one clean press.

With a heat press like no other you are able to transfer texts, photos, logos, patterns onto many different materials. The high-tech machine uses its advanced technology to do such things by pressing either vinyl sheets, your image/logo printed on sublimation paper or heat transfer paper onto your chosen material. The intense heat and pressure is able to give durable and satisfying results in less than 2 minutes.

With the easy use of our product anyone is able to pilot this machine, with a few easy steps you’ll be pressing away!

  • Print Image/Logo onto Sublimation Paper, heat transfer paper or cut out your vinyls (remember if you are using sublimation paper or heat transfer paper it must be inverted as a mirror image)
  • Start up the heat press machine and let it heat up. While this is happening adjust the heat setting and timer.
  • Place your vinyl or printed paper on the material you are using (t-shirt, mug, etc.) and close the top plate onto the bottom.
  • Some heat presses are equipped with auto-release, meaning they open automatically (either with the swing away mechanism or the clamshell mechanism) with the time imputed into the machine. Some are not equipped with auto-release so it usually makes an alerting sound, reminding you to manually open it.
Heat Press sublimation


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For most products, we do offer replacement parts. When inquiring, please have item number and invoice number available so they can better serve you. You can find the item number on your emailed order confirmation or invoice.

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